Eric Ordorica

Toca y Sena

My original plan was to use light boxes so that they would shed light through the more transparent parts of the imagery to evoke the vulnerability of each character. When faced with the need to adapt the project to a digital format, I realized that images viewed on a computer screen could react to backlighting in similar way and also imitates our everyday viewing experience with technology. Digitally enlarging family photographs I found in my parents’ closet was a fun process in which allowed me to manipulate and add my own gesture in the imagery. Along with the scale of the works, this is where I express my connection to them. My yearn for and peace in our sibling relationship is explained here because my words have always been damaging.

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Portrait of Eric Ordorica, Archival Inkjet Print, Lightbox, 2020
Portrait of Yesenia Ordorica, Archival Inkjet Print, Lightbox, 2020
Portrait of Constantino Ordorica Jr., Archival Inkjet Print, Lightbox, 2020


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All your compositions are muddled and the underlying grid works are uninteresting and too busy. On the positive side,

There’s something really striking here about the tangible reflection of light and pain. Truly extraordinary composites. Kudos!

Remarkable work! Great use of black and white dualism. The imagery really tells a familiar story, which explores the inescapable sorrow that can continue to loom over moments of happiness. Wow!

Eric love your work! Your photography spoke to me and conjured up many feelings. I had tears in my eyes, happy ones! I congratulate you on your achievements! Looking forward to following your work and more great things to come from you!

This body of work is very powerful, I really hope your siblings get to see it also that you will reunite soon.
I The use of black and white and some silver, has so much depth and so many layers it was captured very beautifully here and it has spoken to many.
I really enjoy how there is one bold text/number sticking out. 747 ( for your sister) and /H.U.R.T for your brothers and it stands out alot to me.
If you ever have the time I have a question, why choose to have your brothers face on the bottom left hand corner almost untouched ,not blurred, or cropped in different layers?

Awesome job Eric!

Love the self portrait and your use of personal archival imagery in combination with experimental images you create through manipulation of the digital and the physical photograph. Have really enjoyed watching your work progress, Eric! Muchísimas felicidades! Excited to see the works in person!

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