Kaitie Chan

Species: Unknown

Species: Unknown
Cast bronze

Whenever I step outside, I always find a form in nature that intrigues me, whether it is dead or alive. Fungi have a never-ending range of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Some appear to be intricately designed cage-like structures, some are gorgeous and flow like ball gown dresses, and some are so unusual that they look like they belong on an alien planet. Although fungi are live organisms, they are usually found thriving on a dead tree or animal. In this piece, I am capturing the energies of different fungi and using contrasting features to create three different free-standing bronze sculptures. Some of the contrasting features include growth and decay, structure and disorder, organic and man-made. These three species have slowly sprung with life and started to grow into their own unique forms throughout the process.

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Kaitie your pieces are unbelievably stunning, I wish I could see them in person.Using this material is never easy but you make it seem that it is. I love how it seems as if you let go of control and let the material guide you ( which is so hard to do !) The depth and the beauty you shown in something from nature is incredible, I love it.

I really like how your pieces turned out. They definitely need to be included in any future exhibit of your work. Congratulations on finishing your degree in Fine Arts. Well done.💖

Amazing! The intricate detail on these pieces provide so much depth and character! Each piece individually capturing the organic essence of life.

Yo! This looks fire like you can really see each of the details. No doubt this probably took forever, very well done mate. Phenomenal!

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