Kiki Williams

8 Pack

This polaroid series deals with the relationship between the physical and mechanical body. Combining the two images focuses on how each photograph can tie emotions together as if the images share the same perceptions. By opening up the body in the images, it allowed me to replace parts of the original photograph with my feelings by scratching, placing of paint scraps and sewing the medium. Removing the identity of the subject is more for having control of the media and being able to manipulate it to give a certain perception to the audience.
The space contains eight bodies of work, with four of them being a silhouette of the body with red lip-gloss over the lens. This is the membrane (layer) of the polaroid in which I controlled how much light I allowed to expose the whole image. I focused on the movement of the body and how it reacts as its own thread of movement instead of the physical material in itself. Using these two different methods pushes these images past the small frames to a larger body which is the view of the audience.

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Membrane I, Polaroid, 2020
48-1 III, Polaroid, Thread and Paint Scraps, 2020
Membrane III, Polaroid, 2020
48-1 II, Polaroid, Thread and Paint Scraps, 2020
Membrane II, Polaroid, 2020
48-1 IV, Polaroid, Thread and Paint Scraps, 2020
Membrane IV, Polaroid, 2020