Lauren Calkins


Oil on Canvas

This body of work, Cyclic, explores the cycles and the homeostasis of organic living materials as a metaphor for life. I deconstruct the simultaneous moment of decay and the emergence of life through manipulating structures, forms, and colors of organic structures like a reproductive element of plants, fruits; the places from which life begins. By constructing and abstracting natural forms, the notion of loss of identity and creation of a space to question what is natural, asks how we perceive decay and where humans belong in the natural world. My process of translating the organic subject matter through photography to drawings to paintings simulates the inevitable loss and transformation of information when the living expires, creating a visual metaphor of decomposition.

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I love your softness in the color and your technique, its beautiful and calming to me, it is also very deeply layered. I can look at this all day.

These paintings are so alive, even on the screen. They’re pungent, visceral, somatic. They make my mouth water. They pay homage to the intertwining of fertility and death. I can’t imagine how powerful they must be in person.

I’m so proud of you. You truly channeled something divine in these works.

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