Miku Atsuya

My work responds to the way art history has repeated itself. I am also inspired by the way the frontiers of mainstream art have always developed in opposition to the old orders. My interest is in comparing and contrasting the beauty of both Western and Eastern Art and then I interpret them myself and create sophisticated new art styles.

While emphasizing the formal beauty and realistic depiction which is typical of Classical Art, I choose to use flat motifs and patterns and then merge the beauty of Classical Art with contemporary art and more classical stylistic elements. Also, by combining those elements, I aim to juxtapose contradictory ideas regarding the past elements of Classical Art with the continuous development of Contemporary Art.

My paintings are inspired by patterns found in kimonos. Goldfish and dragonflies are common motifs of kimonos. I try to represent those figures that pop up from kimonos. The background also relates to the figures. On a goldfish painting, it represents water. Meanwhile, in a dragonfly’s painting, the abundance of green reflects nature. Compositions were also inspired by traditional classical Western religious paintings such as the Mother and Child and John the Baptist; works that also inspired my titles. From this idea, I decided to use the Greek language of the depicted creatures as the titles.

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Κόκκινος ἄναξ (Kokkinos Anax: red dragonfly), Oil, acrylic, metallic pigment on canvas, 2020
Χρυσόψαρό (Chrysόpsaro: goldfish), Oil, acrylic, metallic pigment on canvas, 2020