Teven Chang

Bad Idea

Fuck, this is a bad idea
Mixed Media

In order to present a self-portrait and show how rave culture, pop culture, and my passion for streetwear has influenced me as an artist, I was planning to create a physical installation that would place culture jamming rave culture and pop culture together into one space. Having been forced to adapt to an online exhibition, I am sharing the relevant images of posters I have designed and also memorabilia. Posters have played a big role in pop culture and rave culture, starting in the 90’s when the only way to find out where parties and raves were being thrown would be through word of mouth and posters posted by promoters. Still posters are being used to promote parties and to educate and inspire the public. Because of artists like Shepard Fairy and Kidult, posters are being used more frequently for pop culture. I find it interesting how they can all tie into each other and be connected. The reason I have included merchandise is to incorporate my passion for streetwear and clothes. Today at many festivals and parties people sell bootleg shirts, stickers, and posters as a way to promote the party just like the 90’s when deadhead was doing the same concept.